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A new trend now is promise rings for men – but did you know
that it stems from an old and fascinating tradition? Before
men wore rings to symbolize their romantic commitments, they
wore them to signify their devotion to various institutions,
among them professional guilds, religious organizations, and
groups such as fraternities or colleges.

In fact, the Roman Catholic Papal ring stems back to the
traditions of ancient cultures. As far back as thousands of
years, male religious officials wore rings to signal a
promise to God or their religious institution.

During the 1500s, it was common for friends and lovers to
exchange rings as symbols of affection and fidelity. These
early rings came in many different styles and settings, and
were worn by both men and women.

In the late 20th century, promise rings became popular for,
first, women, and then, for men too. Couples have many
different reasons for exchanging rings before engagement,
including the desire to promise pre-marital abstinence to
one another, celebrate a new co-habitation, or mark the
seriousness of the relationship.

Couples who are looking for a promise ring for the male
partner will find they have a lot of flexibility with style,
color, and stone choices. Rings with personal messages
engraved on the outside or inside of the band are popular,
and the ring can be worn on either the left or right hand
and on the finger of the wearer’s choice.

“Anam Cara” is a saying in Gaelic, the language of Ireland,
which means “soul friend”. This saying has become a popular
engraving on men’s promise rings in the last few years,
especially on rings that are inspired by the jewelry of the
ancient Celts.

Matching his-and-hers promise rings is another popular
trend right now. Couples who are looking to signify their
connection to one another through their rings often opt for
matching pieces. Frequently, the woman’s ring will be of
lighter weight and more delicate design than the man’s, but
a similar stone, engraved saying, or colour will link the
two rings in look and feel.

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